Lucas Arruda

Lead Senior Software Engineer

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Remote, Brazil


I am an experienced software developer that cares deeply about user success and, therefore, your business success. I have been helping businesses of all sizes from diverse industries sizes for more than ten years, as well as mentoring, coaching and leading junior to senior Engineers.

Your customers and your profit are my top priority, so I deliver easy to use, intuitive, performant software, always focusing on the features that bring more value to your users and thus to you.

You can count on me to be an asset to your business and a problem solver. I have always been a curious person, not satisfied until I discover how things work and how to improve them. I do that by breaking problems into smaller issues until I get a good picture of the entire situation. And then, I tackle them one by one to solve them in an efficient and user-friendly way. I build simple, clean, and practical solutions that have longevity and are easy to maintain.

You can rely on my self-management skills. I have been working remotely full-time for over five years. I am autonomous, communicative, and proactive in reaching out and interacting with the team, yet capable of profoundly focusing on my work and delivering within deadlines.
Primary Health, Remote — Lead Senior Software Engineer
  • Leading and mentoring juniors and senior developers, helping them to grow technically and professionally
  • Development of an online platform, written in Ruby on Rails with React, that facilitates and manages vaccination and testing sites and all their related data
  • Architecting and integrating Primary platform with new diagnostic platforms and labs
  • Reengineering backend and database schema to improve performance and scale to millions of users
Players' Lounge, Remote — Senior Software Engineer
APR 2020 - OCT 2020
  • Development of an online betting platform, built with a serveless mix of Next.JS and Node.JS with GraphQL on the backend, and React, Apollo, on the frontend
  • Maintenance and performance improvements of the website
  • Planning and updating architecture through diagrams and handling distribution and servers on AWS
Make School, Remote — Senior Software Engineer
JAN 2017 - MAR 2020
  • Leadership and mentorship of developers and helping them improve their skills in Rails, GraphQL, and SQL
  • Development of an internal platform supporting students, staff and program applicants built with Ruby on Rails and GraphQL on the backend, React, Apollo, Relay on the frontend
  • Maintenance and performance improvements of Make School website
  • Building and maintaining multiple internal tools and scripts that automated prospection, applications and enrollment
  • Planning and updating architecture through diagrams and handling distribution and servers on Heroku / AWS
ACAD Consultancy, Remote — Senior Consultant Engineer
  • Software projects and consultancy
  • Mentoring juniors and senior developers
Pathable, Remote — Senior Consultant Engineer
DEC 2016 - JAN 2017
  • Added features and several bug fixes to a legacy event platform in Ruby on Rails, Remote — Senior Software Engineer
JUN 2016 - NOV 2016
  • Full-stack development with Ruby on Rails, GraphQL, CoffeeScript, Slim
  • Created an Event Management System for events and venues from scratch
  • Added integrations with Facebook and payment gateways
Raise Sistemas, Remote — Senior Software Engineer
JUN 2015 - JUN 2016
  • Full-stack Ruby on Rails development of an online ticket platform and a CRM for NPOs
  • Integrated payment gateways and generated reports and graphs
  • Used Ruby on Rails, React, Flux, jQuery, HTML, CSS,
ThoughtWorks, Porto Alegre, Brazil — Senior Consultant Developer
NOV 2014 - JUN 2015
  • Worked on an internal-facing project using Node.JS (full stack)
  • Implemented features and bug fixes on a Kanban Board that was used internally
Avenue Code, Belo Horizonte, Brazil — Software Developer
AUG 2011 - NOV 2014
  • Developed using Java on the backend and HTML, CSS and Javascript components on the frontend.
  • Created an internal time tracking tool in Ruby on Rails.
  • Worked for clients like Macy's and Bloomingdales
  • Responsible for the de-syndication of the CHANEL website at Bloomingdales
Digicade Tecnologia, Belo Horizonte, Brazil — Software Developer
OCT 2010 - AUG 2011
  • Development and maintenance of a geolocation web platform, used by local telecom companies and the police
  • Solely responsible for a telemetry platform that generated live data and Jasper reports
  • Worked on diverse integrations with some of the telemetry platforms we built and supported
Senergy Sistemas (Siemens), Belo Horizonte, Brazil — Software Developer
APR 2009 - OCT 2010
  • Development of a remote measurement system responsible for collecting, gathering and treating meter energy data
  • Lead a team that was responsible for ensuring that all software met standards and current legislations related to energy data
  • Created BI reports, a fraud detection system and remote control of consumer energy
  • Completely rebuilt software that had all requested functionality and met government standards
  • Secured all government contracts, beating other competitors, through quality software produced within deadlines during my time on the team
Senergy Sistemas (Siemens), Belo Horizonte, Brazil — Software Developer (Intern)
MAR 2008 - AUG 2008
  • Development of a remote measurement system responsible for collecting, gathering and processing meter energy data
Dept. of Masters in Education for PUC-MG, Belo Horizonte, Brazil — Technology Researcher
OCT 2005 - FEB 2008
  • Researched and developed educational software and plugins for Moodle
  • Wrote a paper related to my work with online platforms and about our experience teaching Masters students with the help of a Ph.D. professor
Lab. of Informatic Projects of PUC-MG, Belo Horizonte, Brazil — Infrastructure and software maintainer
FEB 2005 - JUL 2005
  • Worked on infrastructure solutions and software maintenance for the IT Lab of the university
  • Implemented LDAP authentication of Linux machines on Windows AD domains
  • Deployed and tested infrastructure solutions
  • Maintained a CMS software for learning purposes
Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG), Belo Horizonte — Specialist - Post Grad
2010 - 2011
Specialist in Software Engineering
Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais (PUC-MG), Belo Horizonte — Bachelor Degree
2004 - 2008
Bachelor of Computer Science
Full-stack Senior Software Engineer with over ten years of experience.

I have been working as a programmer for the past ten years (including Java, PHP, and Javascript). For the past five years, I have concentrated on Ruby on Rails and GraphQL. My focus is to write software that is usable, tested and testable, of high quality and useful.

I have worked across different industries: e-commerce, educational, telemetry & geospatial processing, event management, and with companies of diverse sizes, from startups to large retailers like Macy's and Bloomingdales.

I have a passion for what I do and take great pride in it. I work hard to leave everything better than when I found it.
Ruby on Rails
Alena DagneauHead of Engineering at Make School
Lucas is a highly dependable employee and a hard worker with solid problem solving and technical skills. I was always impressed by Lucas’ ability to complete the work assigned to him on time. Lucas takes his work very seriously and regularly updated the team on the newest developments in programming, sharing his knowledge and mentoring junior engineers. He is very dedicated to keeping a clean codebase and implemented many automated practices across the team to keep the code relevant and facilitate development. Lucas was always able to figure out a solution within our business requirements, making him a highly valuable team member. His kind manner makes him a joy to work with!
Sean LawrenceFull stack Engineer at Make School
I have nothing but amazing things to say about Lucas. From advice on how to make a function simpler to read, to helping debug extremely complex bugs that I would have never found on my own, I've always been able to count on Lucas to help. He's not just a great engineer, but a fun, engaging person that shows a lot of empathy when he speaks to you.
Siebe JanSenior Backend Engineer at Make School
At Make School, I had the pleasure to work with Lucas for a year now. Inside the team, he has been a major asset on many projects and contributed to the overall success of the team. Lucas is hard-working, has a wealth of experience, seeks to always improve and learn, and holds his work to a high standard. In addition to his technical talents, his positive, we're-in-this-together mindset, flexibility, and willingness to help out wherever necessary are a real asset
Royce BrooksSenior Frontend Engineer at Make School
Lucas played an instrumental role in my career by ramping me up in Ruby on Rails. Lucas' work was always a pleasure to review and learn from thanks to his commitment to write clean, easy to read and testable code. His extensive knowledge and willingness to lend a helping hand made working with him fun and rewarding.
Samuel BrandãoCofounder and Developer at Lets Events
Lucas is a prolific and problem-solving oriented developer. Focused on getting things done, he is able to provide both elegant code and smart solutions, balancing the scales between performance and maintainability. An excellent communicator, he is always able to keep calm and think pragmatically.
Jordan ArnsenSoftware Engineer at Make School
I was the lead (aka only) backend developer on the engineering team when Lucas first joined Make School and he was senior to me in total years of experience. I appreciated how Lucas and I were always able to teach and learn from each other and our different areas of expertise (his deeper background in tech and my knowledge of our codebase). Even as a fully remote team member, Lucas' strong communication skills always ensured that the team and stakeholders had clear and up to date information. When I later transitioned off of the engineering team, I knew that things were in great hands with Lucas.
Mona DesaiDesigner at Make School
Working with Lucas has been an absolute pleasure. His dedication to his craft is apparent in everything that he does. Lucas not only cares about clean code but has also shown great understanding and empathy for the users that ultimately will be using the tools that he builds. Lucas strives to find solutions that best fit the problem at hand without compromising on the end product. I know without a doubt that Lucas will add great value no matter where he works.
Tiago Romero GarciaIT Director at Avenue Code
Lucas is a great and fairly-judged developer. He is clever, faithful and always striving for the best approach, balancing out his front-end and back-end skills. He is also engaged in performing a great team work. I really appreciated having the opportunity of working with Lucas and I definitely recommend his work to every employer or project.
Alexandre QueirozIT Manager at Avenue Code
Lucas is a great professional which I was luck enough to work with in the same company. We had few interactions within projects, but awesome interactions within the company and working for the same client. I could notice Lucas as very resourceful helping colleagues on solving small issues and perfectionist on creating solutions for problems. In a project we worked together, I could notice the persuasive capacity of Lucas on showing the best solution to tackle the problem we were facing as well as most adequate technology to be used.
Luiz TemponiSoftware Developer at Senergy (Siemens)
I had the pleasure of working with Lucas Arruda at Senergy. He has consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic and a dedication to sucess! He worked actively to resolve customer/partner issues in a timely manner. Lucas is creative and an excellent multitasker.
Portuguese, English, Spanish